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Tsukasa Aoi 's All-Licking Sex - From Faces, Anal Holes, To The Tips Of Toes, Everything Gets Licked, Sucked, And Covered With Saliva Special
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 葵つかさの‘舐めたがり’性交 顔面、尻穴、つま先まで全身しゃぶり唾液だっくだく舐め尽くしスペシャル


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 16, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Slender Facial Sweating

ACTRESSES: Tsukasa Aoi


Tsukasa Aoi's most recent work, which is still prominent in S1. I'll lick my entire body in different places in this work because I want to lick it. It's a work that's close to S1's famous work, the intersecting body fluids, the dense sex series, but it's fantastic. At this time, it is possible to make a face-to-face sitting waist from an adorable and doll-like face, sweat and body fluids that exude from silky smooth skin, and saliva from kissing. The greatest sex was soaked sex! There is no other actress who has the same level of beauty as the jacket and film. The pinnacle of good looks and style. However, because you've hit a snag in terms of jobs, I'd like to see you in more story-driven projects (especially NTR). Not to mention her impressive acting abilities. Unfortunately, the eroticism is also illustrated in this work, but there aren't many actresses who can generate too much excitement simply by wearing her underwear. For eg, the best whore invites a man and becomes entangled in the affair. Watching is not a waste of time.

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