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Hotel Room Adultery - Boss Nails His Employee All Night Long - Cheating On A Business Trip Sayaka Otoshiro
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 相部屋NTR 絶倫上司と新入社員が朝から晩まで、不倫セックスに明け暮れた出張先の夜 乙白さやか


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 16, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Slender Cheating Wife Drama

ACTRESSES: Sayaka Otoshiro


Although wearing an OL-style suit, the clothes play was very nice. Since it has tiny breasts, it doesn't have much sex appeal when it's nude, so I'd like Karami to do some clothes play in the future. The first Karami who got fucked in sleeping back while wearing clothes was the best as a guy who enjoys sleeping back. I've seen all of Sayaka Otoshiro's work, but I'm not sure if this is her best work. But I'd like you to quit working with the same actor over and over again. It's such a shame. She seems to have a crush on Arina Hashimoto, but I believe she should lift the lesbian ban as soon as possible. Isn't it a good idea to let Arina Hashimoto, who craves it, create a lesbian battle, or a love triangle lesbian battle? Sayaka Otoshiro and her boyfriend having sex. Sayaka Otoshiro, on the other hand, is dissatisfied with her super premature ejaculation boyfriend's pale etch. After having sex with her boyfriend the night before, Sayaka Otoshiro goes to work the next morning and confesses her premature ejaculation boyfriend's grievances to her unequaled boss Takeda Daiki at a tavern after school. Sayaka Otoshiro, who had a bit too much to drink, is returned to Takeda. Ejaculation that occurs too soon When Sayaka Otoshiro receives an incoming call from her boyfriend, she hesitates. Boss Takeda, immediately committing Otoshiro in such an OL costume. In an office lady costume, Sayaka Otoshiro is pulled down by the bed and raped. It's 169 cm tall, slim, and adorable! Takeda Taiki's heart separates from her premature ejaculation useless boyfriend and becomes mellow with Takeda's rich belochu and solid piss after this. If I shot my face in all OL skirt clothes, it was great.

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