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Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex - Complete Uncut Special Mai Shiomi
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 交わる体液、濃密セックス 完全ノーカットスペシャル 潮美舞


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 16, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Slender Nymphomaniac Kiss Kiss Sweating



(1) Face-to-face This was the one that stood out the most this time. It's interesting to note that each chapter had a slightly different appearance. 1st Chapter Earlier: Were you apprehensive?, Iki's face seemed to be in jeopardy. It's not really a bad thing, but it makes me nervous. 1st Chapter Following the middle level, Perhaps my body has grown accustomed to it, and my sister-like sexiness and sexiness have manifested themselves on my face. In contrast to her debut film "Younger," she plays a "sweet lady" who is special to a woman in her twenties. 3 Chapter 2: Do you blame yourself because there are so many scenes? , I have the impression of being a "younger sexy older sister" with a small margin. It's nice to get a smile every now and then. 3 Chapter 3: This chapter's etch seems to be on a par with Mr. Kuroda's. Ask each other questions and go on a rampage. This is the most common form. 4 Chapter 4: Were you getting frustrated with Mr. Sagawa and couldn't take it anymore? , An increase in libido and sexiness is anticipated. There's also the matter of managing the fact that the launch appears to be difficult to bear as "not yet successful." (2) Sibling who is older Only Chapter 2 considered herself "younger" and acted as "a lovely adult woman." "Sex appeal Munmun," says the introductory text, and it's right. A "face" that stands out from the previous two works. 3) Harsh language Were you worried? , The tone of the voice is a little hushed. It sounds as if it's coming from the depths of the earth. It was particularly noticeable in Chapter 4. Don't let him shoot "still worthless" only because he's impatient. I'm not sure if I was aware of it or not, but it was nice that it worked so well. Iku (fourth) In the second job, it appeared that he was not behaving with the expected "Majiiki," and it appeared that way again this time. It doesn't matter whether you act or not; what matters is that you are drawn to something exciting through the video, so I believe this is acceptable. It is, however, physically demanding. Thank you for all of your efforts. (5) Components This time, the constriction and buttocks were prominent. There was a lot of fingering in a place where the buttocks were sticking out, particularly in the latter case, so I felt that way. The buttocks go up and down as the camera goes up. Even if you aren't aware of it, you will be ecstatic. (6) Lastly, It's a significant improvement over the previous job, so it gets a passing grade. It's more mature in the fourth work, "Geki Iki," and it's enough if you can play it erotically. I had expected.

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