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Orgasm Special - Real Life Non-Nude Erotic Model Akua Yamazaki Gets Fucked
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ORIGINAL TITLE: ちょいイキ!現役着エロアイドル山崎水愛 ちゃんとSEXできましたスペシャル


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 16, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Big Tits Kiss Kiss Lotion

ACTRESSES: Mizuai Yamazaki


It's a cute interview. The basic style is "I'm hesitant, but I'll do what I have to do," so if the previous work wasn't successful, this one would most likely be as well. Personally, I'm hooked on it. 5. 1 Lotion massage for smooth skin. In the era of erotic wear, you might never have wished for an erotic massage like this. It's worth buying just for the fans. 2 The outfits are similar to swimsuits, except there is no uniform this time. 3 Masturbation of a cute girl and her uncle does not cover... sorry as a photo. 4 It's possible that the actor asks so many times, "Does it feel good?" 5 For the time being, a simple "Iku" was sufficient. Since I was a virgin until this point, I still don't feel at ease, and my reaction is understandably slow. It might not be enough for AV, but it's not like acting, and it's really fun. It's preferable to have people say things like "Iku" or "Iku." I began to feel it seriously at the time of the first lotion match, but it's a shame I stopped before Iku. I believe it is difficult to insert it, owing to my lack of experience, but I would like to give it a serious try with lotion play and such. I'd like you to gradually gain experience without being impatient, and show the play that you really feel, rather than acting, as a child with such overwhelming content. I'll hold off until then. Many people seem to be disappointed with things that aren't exactly like AV, such as tuna and no pant speech. From a practical standpoint, a girl of this age looks like this. Rather, there is a cute girl with beautiful skin and style on this screen. It's particularly impressive. Her eyes are stunning, but her profile nose is equally so. It's a lot cuter than the local television talent. I would like to join a fan club if one exists. Strange ventures with metamorphosis preferences (ring, squirting, etc.) are only for actresses with very pure eyes. I'd like to request that the manufacturer quit doing it. Since it is an AV, the designer does not have the erroneous belief that anything is possible. This girl, I believe, is more repulsive than her ice-coldness. I feel like she's there as I endure her guilt with no voice. She's not very good at AV in that regard, but she makes me think every few years, "I want you to stop taking off her clothes for adults who just want to make money." It is a thinking capacity.

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