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A Beautiful Married Woman Falls For The Deep And Rich, Tongue-Twisting Kisses Of Her Father-In-Law Minami Kojima
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 義父の濃厚な舌技で舐め堕ちした美人妻 小島みなみ


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 30, 2020

GENRES: Married Woman Kiss Kiss Cheating Wife Drama

ACTRESSES: Minami Kojima


Minami went home with her husband's parents' house. Her mother-in-law who came out to her front door and immediately after that a man who could not be thought of as a father-in-law gently left the house. Start with an unnatural scene. Minami was alone with her father-in-law who said she was sick for some reason. My father-in-law was very interested in Minami from the beginning, and as expected, he put sleeping pills in tea to put Minami to sleep and attack. Minami she doesn't notice because of sleeping pills until he's stripped naked. By the time she noticed, she was a prey to her father-in-law's exquisite tongue skills. She refuses Minami, of course, but her body honestly forgives her body and she is shown in a video of the whole story and she is threatened. After that, her father-in-law continued to seek and rob Minami's body from it many times. The highlight of this work is the change in how Minami's heart and her body react to her father-in-law. At first, Hart keeps hating at all, but her body accepts pleasure. However, Minami gradually begins to accept her father-in-law not only her body but also her heart due to the neat blame such as her father-in-law's tongue technique. In her final version she accepts her father-in-law both physically and mentally and seeks her father-in-law's body and cock. In this work, Minami made a writhing pant voice but never said that it felt good, wanted, or more, but in the end, it was good, it felt good, it seemed to be lively, Iku, Iku, and Iku. She pushes her up and makes her sway, distorts her face with her pleasure, and her father-in-law's cock also likes to hold her and licks her comfortably. In short, Minami presented her mind and body to her father-in-law and fell into her father-in-law's tongue technique. In her cowgirl position, she moves her hips up and down herself, and when she sees her dripping her love juice, it goes without saying that her mouth is proof that she has completely fallen. I think the biggest highlight of this work is the change in her Minami's heart and her body gradually falling.

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