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The Girl I Raised Isn't Really Mine, But I Always Knew That Miharu Usa
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 手塩にかけた娘が俺の子じゃないと判明したので 羽咲みはる


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 30, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Big Tits Kiss Kiss Cheating Wife Titty Fuck



Miharu-san, who says she loves her dad while being poked, was so cute! This kind of work that I like and say with proper lines is very good Miharu-san goes well with love-love stuff, so I want her to put out a love-love work that she likes and loves and says many times. A live-action version of the original popular comic of the same name, starring the F-cup actress "Miharu Usa". Middle-aged system engineer "Toshiki Nakamura" who works for a certain software development company. He is a drop-out employee who finally became the chief after 20 years of service, and he is a "child trouble dad" whose life is more about his family than his work. He is fond of "Hinata", the only daughter of a school girl who is an idol-class beautiful girl, but one day, a subordinate remarks that "no part of the face is similar to the chief". I have one question. Misato, a playboy's wife, has had many good friends since he was single. Driven by anxiety, Toshiki secretly asks for a "DNA test" of himself and his daughter. What was written in the report was the cruel result that "blood is not connected at all". He goes up against him and points a certificate to Yo Aoi who has returned home, and declares that he will break the "relationship between her father and daughter". His father heads to the front door to appear at the police after roughly raping his daughter who has been raised by hand. However, Aoi, who was a big "daddy", unexpectedly stops it. Rather, now that it turns out that there is no blood connection, it is possible that Toshiki and Aoi will someday be connected (although it is legally difficult to get married). The two in love strengthen their ties from a "mere family" to a "fate community," stealing Misato's eyes and becoming absorbed in sex. Sometimes she inserts Ji Po at the request of her wife, but the "saddle feeling" is completely different from the daughter of an active school girl. On the contrary, every time I have sex with Misato, I become more and more addicted to having sex with Aoi. After that, Aoi learned that Misato's companion, the rogue "Nishio" who had returned from the prison, was her "real father." Already uninterested in her own origin, she dares to "pretend not to see" once, but that is part of a "skillful strategy" to have Toshiki witness Misato and Nishio's flirtation scene. was. Misato, who was trapped by Aoi, was guilty of all the crimes as "a coward who betrayed her husband and her daughter," and was banished from the Nakamura family alone. The scene of having sex with Aoi wearing a diaper on her old crib is really shocking (visually and ethically). Toshiki always has a feeling of "regret" for incest while being drunk by desire. Aoi is abandoned by her real mother and depends on her physical relationship with her father. Hat off to the high performance ability of "Miharu Usa" who performed a serious and complicated story that can not be thought of as an AV as a leading actress.

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