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Contract Cancelled Over Adultery Scandal: Former Celebrity Loses Her Job At Major Agency And Resorts To Working At Underground Soapland - Marin Hinata
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 不倫スキャンダルで契約解除 大手事務所を追われて闇ソープに陥った元芸能人 ひなたまりん


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 30, 2020

GENRES: Humiliation Club Hostess & Sex Worker Idol & Celebrity

ACTRESSES: Marin Hinata


When the person himself introduced the work on Twitter, he seemed to have had a hard time, and he wrote that the drama part was shot with emotion as if it were a real thing, so I was worried about purchasing it. .. You can see the growth of Marin Hinata, and it was a work that I thought would become a wonderful actress in the future. I think she is one of the S1 actresses. Her talent as a sexy actress is amazing, but her acting is so bad that she always wonders why she makes this actress do drama stuff. However, this work was quite decent. The woman who was forcibly dropped by soap was reluctant to play the role of a woman who is a partner of a man, so I think it is good for people who like drama + soap. Former entertainer sucks Ji Po and earns money, As it is now (laughs) From Pake The content is not as hard as you might think, If you think of a former entertainer, lick your toes, I wonder if the excitement level will increase even if you lick it. It's hard to improve eroticism and acting ability It's Marin Hinata, but the material is good I'm expecting it. Bring pheromones I want you to become Iionna. This work isn't perfect yet, If you like gravure or entertainers, there is no loss, I wonder if that is the place.

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