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Talented, Beautiful New Hire Shares A Hotel Room With Her Hung Boss And Ends Up Banging Him All Day Long... A Full Night Of Adultery Tsubaki Sannomiya
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ORIGINAL TITLE: デキる才色兼備の新入社員と絶倫上司が出張先の相部屋ホテルで…朝から晩までひたすら不倫セックスに明け暮れた一夜 三宮つばき


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 30, 2020

GENRES: Big Tits Nymphomaniac Cheating Wife Drama

ACTRESSES: Tsubaki Sannomiya


Tsubaki-chan, the fifth work of Tsubaki-chan, who made her debut last year, will support her so that the new year will start and the year will be more and more leap forward. Do your best? I was worried that this was the first drama, but there was no problem with acting, and the setting of cool and talented talent was not strange. If you go into sex, you're already good at it. Although it seemed to resist in the first entanglement, it is not a "rough" image but a work that you can enjoy purely AV. It's the work of an actress I loved, so I'll post a review for the first time. Tsubaki Sannomiya, with a cool and elegant face, Her very long eyelashes are lovely. She has a beautiful expression when she feels it. The glossy lip brings out a casual and sensual charm. Tsubaki thinks that the line from her waist to her hips and her thighs is very beautiful. Her ideal body is not too thin, and her compatibility with a tight skirt suit is outstandingly good. (The latest work is also the role of an office lady in a suit, so expectations are high) Also, if you read Mr. Sannomiya's note, you can see that she has a very sharp and humble consideration and a literary talent who can write beautiful sentences. If she hasn't read it, I highly recommend reading it. Tsubaki Sannomiya has a boyfriend who is studying for the bar examination. Tsubaki who drinks at a bar with her boss, Daiki Takeda, complains about her boyfriend, and gets mud with a highball double. Takeda's usual evil eyes give us hope for future developments. OL suit skirt Clothes drunk and sleeps Tsubaki ● Takeda. Tsubaki who puts on a blouse, shifts the bra, rubs beautiful breasts and licks beautiful nipples. I didn't notice it at all because of the sleep. Tsubaki who is stroked from the top of black pantyhose, is opened with black tight miniskirt & pantyhose clothes and is stroked pussy. Tsubaki who breaks the pantyhose and touches the pussy from the top of the panties and feels unconsciously. After being licked by Takeda and taking a picture of her pussy, she shook her cheeks and regained consciousness. ● Takeda. Tsubaki who is made to blow forcibly and feels that his ass is hit on all fours. I'm thrown in the back, but it hurts to shift my pants. Spanking back super piss is erotic and staggered. Facial cum shot from missionary posture. No, it's chorochoro on my tongue. You should bukkake more on your entire face. After that, he was raped by Takeda. ● Tsubaki became a captive of Takeda's cock. However, the lighting is generally too dark to see the action ... In the morning, Tsubaki sucks Takeda's cock in a gray career W suit. Tsubaki who feels estrus with Belochu and Takeda grabs beautiful breasts from behind. The pussy is soaked! I was surprised to take off the gray tight skirt here. Tsubaki is drowning in pleasure when Takeda squeezes her hips and pushes her up at the woman on top posture while swollen red. Even in the backward woman on top posture, Tsubaki begs for "Please hit more!" And feels it by hitting her ass. The pussy is violated by Zukozuko with the back intense piss. I wanted you to give me even more intense spanking. Tsubaki who leaks man juice when Takeda pulls out the cock and becomes a hairy with a back with both arms. Tsubaki who is forced to push up violently at the back woman on top posture and does not have to panting for too much comfort and dies ← The highlight! Facial cum shot from missionary posture. Good quality facial cumshot that flies to the right eye. Tsubaki Sannomiya, who became a captive of Takeda's cock, does not care about his boyfriend who does not pass the bar examination and will continue to have affair SEX with Takeda in the future.

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