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Cute Crossdresser: Outed And Group Fucked By My Classmates Yura Kano
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 男装がバレてクラスメイトに輪●されたオレ 架乃ゆら


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: January 15, 2021

GENRES: School Beautiful Girl Nymphomaniac



Since ancient times, many dramas and movies on the subject of switching entertainment between men and women and parents and children have appeared in the world. Hiroshi Tachi Yui Aragaki's dad and Musume's seven days, after school with Alisa Mizuki, and two children's Manakana. Although the switching positions and genders are different, the switching drama has nailed the viewers with an extraordinary feeling of excitement and a life from a perspective that has never been experienced before. Yura Kano of this work plays two roles, her twin brother Kira and her younger sister Yura, who is a man who has changed the living area and is a karate player. There are four major chapters. First of all, in the classroom, the men's clothing is out. Next is a ring ◯ blowjob in the toilet. And 3P in the club room. Finally, in the classroom, the entanglement of love with Shirou from 4P. The director of this work is Jyo Asagiri, who thinks that if I let him shoot an AV with a drama setting, there is nothing on the right. Is it a drama about 10 minutes after it starts? I was drawn into the work with a production that I thought. I could understand well here that it is important to grasp the beginning of the work that the director said. I'd like you to see this first 10 minutes without fast-forwarding, so I won't go into details. I noticed one thing at the entanglement. It was up in her eyes when she was in agony and she was in agony. I felt that this camera work was new. This was great for reflecting her acting skills in her work. The cute expression aroused excitement. Ring ● But as the entanglement progresses, she moves forward and comes out of her tongue, and I wonder if the expression of kissing is irresistible, but at the end? Please take a closer look at this until the end. Finally, a request was made to Director Asagiri. In the parallel world of this work, I would like to make a spin-off work of Kira-kun's lesbian dressed as a woman and make a series of this work. The story of Yura Kano's men's clothing and works. I was very excited. It was a good work that broke through the frame of existing AV quality.

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