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She's Been My Tenant For 3 Years, 123 Days - The Story Of How A Lecherous Old Landlord Fucked The College Girl Who Lived Next Door - Breaking In A Young Slut. Tsubaki Sannomiya
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 初老大家のワシが3年123日間掛けて、密かに目を付けていた隣に住む女子大生の弱みに付け込み肉体と精神の調教を完遂させた話。 三宮つばき


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: February 6, 2021

GENRES: Big Tits Nymphomaniac Cheating Wife Drama

ACTRESSES: Tsubaki Sannomiya


The story development is very quick, but the content is very well organized, and I thought that it was the director of Nikuson. And he is good at acting with actresses and actors! I'm glad I bought it. I was wondering about my acting ability, but it's ok. It was more than I expected. That's why the production is disappointing. From the titles, I expected that I would take time to train. After the first rep, it has already fallen and there is no difference in depiction up to the final entanglement. While there are many similar works, I have no idea what I wanted to do with this kind of production. It is too weak to push and easily turns into a pleasant sensation while allowing the body, and finally it becomes no panties and entrusts itself to the metamorphosis of the elderly. Tsubaki-san's disliked acting is low, so even people who dislike training things or tombs ● dislike things or dislike things, even those who dislike them can get out as ordinary AV. Because it ’s Tsubaki-chan, it ’s 5 stars. Contents? Please make your own judgment. It's an important place, so once again, Tsubaki-chan is still cute. Don't worry about that. Read her diary on Note recently. A very special actress with great thoughts. Her acting skills are good. Very M in nature, while giving out a radiant of coolness from her appearance. Love it. Definitely worth supporting and wish to see more personal growth She has the potential to be the next great one in this industry!

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