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During Her Business Trip, To Her Surprise, She Was Booked Into The Same Hotel Room With Her Asshole Boss (Whom She Hates With A Passion) ... So He Banged Her With Excessive Lust And Relentless Piston-Pounding Thrusts And Kept This Big Tits Office Lady Cumming All Night Long Yua Mikami
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 出張先の旅館で大嫌いなセクハラ上司とまさかの相部屋に…絶倫過ぎる粘着ピストンで一晩中イカされ続けた巨乳OL 三上悠亜


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: February 17, 2021

GENRES: Big Tits Cheating Wife Idol & Celebrity Hot Spring



Clothes involved. Furo fucking shot. Entanglement from fucking shots in a Japanese-style room. Two-handed restraint, chestnut attack from blindfold, fingering, mass squirting. The final entanglement before check-out. An on-parade of wonderful images that capture the beauty of Yua Mikami. it's the best! It's been a while since I bought Yua Mikami's work. The reviews were highly rated, so it's certainly a good work among recent works. It is strangely vivid to consult with the corporate counselor at the beginning. Also, the foreplay-like entanglement of men and women in between is not in the way. The flow of being gradually defeated by a man has also been created, and the overall degree of perfection is high as a drama. Yua Mikami's drama A good inn that seems to be fairly spacious on a business trip, and it will be a shared room w Sex scenes are less than normal There are not many highlights in the insertion scene for the adhesive piston If you dare to give it, the back woman on top posture of the second sex scene is a good angle where Yua can see her face with a beautiful body. But this will be over soon There is a squirting scene at the end of scene 3, but the angle is unnatural and probably fake ◯ The shape of the hand looks pretty much like that, but it's probably fake because the actor's arm is largely hidden in a yukata and the camera angle is unnaturally changed. It's just well done so it might be good for people who enjoy fantasy Yua-chan who hasn't shown her serious squirting lately I want you to show the squirting with fingering and piston again as before

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