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Busty Undercover Investigator Corrupted By A Lab-Grown Aphrodisiac Aika Yumeno
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 巨乳エリート囮捜査官 天才研究員の開発した発情媚薬に堕ちて 夢乃あいか


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: February 17, 2021

GENRES: Big Tits Female Detective

ACTRESSES: Aika Yumeno


I was wearing the best costume of leather jacket and knee high boots, so I wonder if I changed it at the end. I wanted to see the place where I was raped as it was. Well, I'm glad that the costume before that was also erotic, but I wonder if I wanted it to remain the same at the end. First of all, the director should be the same as before. And then. If you're a fan of her, you should buy it, especially if you're actually meeting her. You should understand. Although she is short, her aura is terrifyingly white skin and her breasts are spilling. Her hands are small, her face and small hair are smooth and straight, and she is wonderful. I do not neglect the white skin care and try not to get rough even if I wash it every time, I actually meet and have a clear skin even at a close distance, my eyes are beautiful and my face is laughing, in fact I have a good personality, except for my voice And good Also, it is different from the pant voice and is full of charm. This is the ideal of boobs that you really want to massage, and even if you are worried about what to do with other children or worried about something else, you can actually meet her in an instant and participate in various event off meetings. It's a pleasure. There is no such thing as a cute photo. I came to affirm. Well, there are other children who actually existed, but there are also children who do not buy it no matter how good they are. Even one. Kanoyura-chan, Sakurazora Momo-chan, Kawai Asuna-chan, and this Aika-chan. I thought it would be good in 2013, but I bought it from around last year. I understand the reason why my face has changed, and I'm happy because I had a cheerful smile that seemed to be the best now. If you are, you should go see me. Even a 22-year-old girl of the same sex was talking about something cute and beautiful. I think I'm older. I don't know the values ​​of a girl. She says she doesn't need breasts to lose weight, or that a child weighing about 45 kg wants to weigh 37 kg. As a man, I think it can be said that this child has a great aura and has everything. The response that I actually felt was also gentle There are various events such as off-party meetings, and now there is Twitter, which is a familiar era. You can meet an actress and re-recognize her like her. If you're wondering, why don't you look for it? These days, it's an Instagram that has various methods, and that's a feeling of familiarity. The rest is a convenience store clerk who must not forget to buy it with a cute girl If you don't buy it at the regular talking girl clerk who always goes, you will fail (laughs) I bought it carefully. You can buy a new one immediately. It's just annoying to buy this as a man.

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