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I Met My Cousin (She's Still Growing) For The First Time In Years, And She Had Gotten So Good At Her Nookie SK**ls That I Could No Longer Resist, And Spent 3 Days And 3 Nights Squeezing Out 18 Cum Shots In A Row During My Visit Home, And I'll Never Forget The Memories That We Made Yura Kano
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 久々に会った成長期の従妹(いとこ)の抜きテクに我慢できず三日三晩18発も射精し続けた帰省中の思い出 架乃ゆら


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: February 17, 2021

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Nymphomaniac Kiss Kiss Drama POV



The director of this work is Kitorune Kawaguchi. This is the first time in Yura Kano's work since the horse riding giant senior's work in the futon. Immediately after I started watching it, I noticed that I was using a shooting method that blurs the surroundings even though it is an image. I was shocked because I had never experienced an AV that focused on the leading role (Yura Kano) and blurred the surroundings like taking a picture with a single-lens reflex camera in recent years, so I proceeded with the work why the director took this method I thought about it. And before that, briefly the contents of the work. This drama-style work. First of all, the entanglement is confession etch by attacking her brother after seeing her own masturbation by her cousin's brother. A check dress and a white blouse are the best match with freshly cut short hair. You can enjoy the lustrous breasts that have grown as the person himself said that the scene of rubbing her breasts from below has grown recently. Blow from mischief at the table is irresistible for her breast job with the hoodie open. A closet blow job via Kotatsu from Drac ◯ w. There are two entanglements, one is sleeping alongside the uniform and the other is dense. Cowgirl is indispensable in all entanglements. I think this is the correct answer because it is subjective and binaural, but it is unavoidable because it is a subjective work that there are few variations such as missionary position, doggy style, and face-to-face sitting position. The question I first felt when I saw it through the work. The answer suddenly came down in my head. It is a subjectivity, binaural, and blurry shooting method to create a sense of reality that extends to Yura Kano and her actions. Although it is a video, if you pause, Yura Kano with a nice short hair that cuts out the moment with a single-lens reflex camera was in front of her. The first scene is her wrapping a bath towel after taking a bath just before her first masturbation. She was beautiful. It was a work that I could taste the beautiful image suitable for the maiden work of Yura Kano with short hair. The last scene. The caricature of the older brother I drew at the beginning was completed. The feeling of the atmosphere in which love exists was performed wonderfully.

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