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Female Undercover Investigator - Hooked On An Aphrodisiac, This Busty Spy Is Corrupted By Pleasure Mei Washio
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 秘密捜査官の女 媚薬漬け性奴●に堕ちた巨乳スパイ 鷲尾めい


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: February 17, 2021

GENRES: Humiliation Big Tits Blowjob Squirting Facial



The costumes and settings aren't fully utilized, and the acting is still sticky. I want a big man and my father to hit the wonderful big tits endlessly. I think that the nipple is weak because I always stop in the middle, so I want you to release a nipple torture type work that was popular a while ago. Everyone buys it because they saw milk, so I think it will be a new frontier if we can make nipples. Many of the hard works of the Keijun era are good, but after the name change, there are no good works other than the shared room NTR. The atmosphere is like a cute girl who is shy and likes to kiss, but the hard work that is blamed earnestly is more disturbed than the real girlfriend work, and the powerful breasts and body should be alive. Expect next. Compared to the "Keijun" era, his face is slender and he is addicted to the role of a spy. Suitable for dramas. Good eyes to stare at the other party! !! It's better to stick with men's words and resist. This work does not use instrument toys, and the first one is blamed with a single mala. I don't break my mouth, so I fall with aphrodisiac & mala. "Female Investigator Tomb ● Things" should be like this. The change of the catsuit from black to red at the end symbolizes the complete fall and is effective. Mei Washio challenges the action, but I feel like it suits me. Mei Washio, who can handle any role without difficulty, has a different taste. I wonder if she has good boobs. She has nice boobs, so the work itself is tightly organized. However, it is not clear that it is dark due to lack of lighting and is not worth watching at all! It's like that to create an atmosphere of an investigator. It will be related to lighting to create a hideout-like atmosphere. I think it can't be helped there. It's just a production, so you just have to see Mei Washio as a product. As usual, Mei Washio's boobs panting a lot are shaken by a hard piston. Good boobs (laughs) I think erection MAX = 80%.

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