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It's Her First Anniversary Since Her Debut! She's Lifting Her Ban On Amateur Men! When She Takes Off Her Coat, She'll Be Hugging You Within 5 Seconds She's Going To Throw Herself Into Providing All The Hospitality She Can To Make Your Wishes Cum True A Massive, Massive, Massive Fan Appreciation Festival Special Izuna Maki
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ORIGINAL TITLE: デビュー1周年記念!素人男性解禁!上着脱いだら5秒で即密着~願望を叶えようと全力ご奉仕ファン大大大感謝祭スペシャル 槙いずな


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: February 17, 2021

GENRES: Documentary Kiss Kiss Fan Appreciation/ Home Visit Squirting



It was a work where you can feel the feeling of interacting with fans on TwitCasting. The excitement of the fans at home, away from the studio, tripled. It's great to tell you the squirting points and get acquainted with the fans. I envy each and every one of them because they are full of love. It's a work, but I felt that it's a work that you can really understand that Maki-chan is seriously having sex like real lovers because the hard work is always transmitted from the screen. Since I live in Kansai, every time I watch the DVD of S1's home visit plan, I wanted to plan an amateur home visit plan in Kansai, so I took the plunge this time. I wrote it because I was told by Maki-chan on Twitter that if I received a comment from Maki-chan himself and commented on the work review, I might be able to consider a Kansai amateur home visit plan. If it can be realized, the assault will be a problem, but I would appreciate it if you could contact me in advance. We look forward to your realization of this project. Gassho: Izuna Maki, who was the first to interact with Nobuo Takahashi fans ... I wanted to be selected! The content was a filthy girl and a drama, and I enjoyed Maki Izuna-chan with a real face. The biggest discovery was that Maki Izuna's real face was really lewd (laughs) ... Good! As other people have written in the review, it is a work that conveys Izuna's good personality and her positive eroticism. There was no eros that made her spine tingle, but it's terrible to ask for it in this kind of project. I think that the straight attitude is a good work that touches my heart.

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