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From That Moment When My Daughter's Friend Kissed Me... Mai Shiomi
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 娘の友達にベロベロ接吻されたあの瞬間から… 潮美舞


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: February 17, 2021

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Slender Kiss Kiss Blowjob



Anyway, it is a divine work that gives Ossan dreams, hope and courage to live. It straightens the desire that any man in the world will have. Mai-chan's natural acting is a real JK, which invites Ossan's desires to desires. This situation, which cannot be said absolutely, but would not be possible if you think about it normally, I am always impressed with Asagiri Magic, which is finished as a work with assari. I don't think there is a man who doesn't have a lust for Mai-chan's trance look in the half-eyed state. When I saw this work, I was reluctant to continue smoking. Mai Shiomi, the fifth release, is a neat and pretty high school girl. It's okay for her natural acting to be realistic without any discomfort ... The relationship between her parents and her daughter gets jerky, and when her daughter joins, it suddenly changes so that a catastrophe will occur! It is wonderful to turn on the nasty switch of Mai Shiomi, and the youth drama of Mai Shiomi who is panting is the best! Star 3 ... No, it's Star 5! !! A work in which Mai Shiomi, who has a cool and well-organized face, fits perfectly into the role of JK, who approaches her friend's father. Not only the face that can be said to be a beautiful girl, but also the S-like expression, the expression of the eyes that sometimes clings, and the atmosphere of a cool voice. It expresses beautifully, and Mai responds to it with her natural acting. There are plenty of scenes that satisfy the uncle's generation of libido, and while there are pseudo-romance scenes such as staring while lying down and being pressed with a mischievous smile, there are kisses such as rich belokis and kissing while kissing pudding. The scene is also rich. Mai-chan's slender yet well-shaped and soft-looking boobs are attractive and youthful body is also wonderful, and it is a work with a high degree of perfection in all.

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