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Sexy Costume Non-Nude Erotica Star Akua Yamazaki Can't Resist Her Gropers... Barely Legal Teen Ravished In 5 Situations
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 着エロアイドル山崎水愛が無抵抗に痴●されて… 残酷少女姦5シチュエーション


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: February 17, 2021

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Big Tits Facial

ACTRESSES: Mizuai Yamazaki


I'm a fan of Aqua Yamazaki and have all the image videos. When I made my debut on her AV, I was expecting her to be excited and to dance her son. However, she has betrayed her expectations one after another. Again, the exposure is low and the SEX scene is halfway. Even though it is a good material, it is useless in the middle of planning and directing. It's a waste, it's the 4th work as early as the AV debut, but I'm not excited at all. I will ask, so please have a better director make the next work. And, please expose the beautiful body more and play such as the back woman on top posture. I can't resist and I'm stunned. This time there are a lot of lines. I'm happy even if I read a little stick. Slut ● So naturally it's sneaky and disgusting. I'm addicted to the fact that there is a solid H scene in the last bloomers ☆ 5. First of all, it is not good that the photo of the package is image-processed or that it looks like a different person from the person himself. The cover photo is important. This is the entrance of the shop. Regarding the content, I thought it was not good to keep the underwear halfway on the whole. If your boobs are great, but your underwear isn't completely removed, your boobs will sway incompletely and become unsatisfactory. There may be a setting for the story, but it's okay to start from the middle, so I wanted you to take off everything at the end because it's fiction anyway.

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